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The Ultimate Inspiration!

First of all, I want to thank all of the readers for their time in reading, thinking about it & most of all, responding to what inspires them and even guessing what this ultimate inspiration can be. So I am going to uncover the secret and no longer push the patience button.

The ONE THING, that ultimate inspiration of all, the one that moves people and stirs them to their core, and that one which instills hope in each and every being belonging to the human race is… SMILE…

The Ultimate Inspiration!

Why else do you think the smile is Contagious?? Someone smiles at you, and you smile back. Without knowing what reason it may be, sometimes without even knowing who the other person may be, we do smile (sometimes to our own selves). And for those who don’t smile back, it makes us think and ponder about a world of things. Did you ever wonder if a smile could be so powerful that you’d leave everything that’s on your mind or at your hand and respond to that wee little action of someone smiling at you? Be it anyone- someone you know, some drunkards laughing their heads off on the pavement, or even small children begging at any nook or any traffic lights. It all causes a part of us to laugh along, or if not laugh then at least smile. Even for those who may just give it a scornful look, they too know in their hearts that a tiny spark does light in there which they try hard to suppress, but if they acknowledge it, they would know.

So, just SMILE ☺️ and see the huge array of colors that gets added to your life at that moment.