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Putting A Finger on it

Has it ever happened with you that you start your day with full throttle, you are all charged up and ready to unleash what the world has to offer you. You wake up all bright and smiley, but as the day progresses, things gradually start to take a toll on you. In a few moments, you shift from glee to mere happy to analysing to critical and cynical without even realising what caused it?? By the end if the day all you are doing is analysing your day over and over and trying to pin point what changed. If this is what has happened to you, does that also happen, that try as you may, you may not be able to put a finger on THE thing!?! So you are rolling in your bed, scratching your head and still dont come up with anything because you can’t put your finger on it!!

Dear readers, if this does really happen to you or you have had any such experience, i would really appreciate if you comment a “yes” here in the comments section so that i know that this is happening with you too & others know they’re not alone. Also, would love to know how you’ve been dealing with it. Who knows we come up with a great solution onto dealing with this? Besides, i will be sharing my ideas about ways to handle it as well in my next post. Till then, wishing you lots of power to achieve whatever you are set to.