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Listen to your first thought

Mostly we find ourselves thinking about so many things throughout the day that sometimes we dont even pay attention to any of it. It is an endless chatter that runs inside our minds 24×7. It is the one voice that we interact with most of the time in our day. Yes! Knowingly or unknowingly these thoughts more like voices that run like background music in our minds are the ones we interact with majority of the time. What’s even more interesting is that what we hear from others too gets filtered through the funnel of these voices & makes us pay attention to selected information only. Let me give you an example here. After reading the above text, some of you maybe thinking, “Yeah! Absolutely that’s the case.” Some may be wondering, “This is absurd, how can it be true?” While some may be occupied with the thought, “Maybe it makes some sense, but not all of it.” Yet another but a minor group of people (i presume so) may go like, “Whatever!” So now, here’s for all of you.. all these are your internal chatter. That voice. I hope i have proved my point with this.

So now whenever we are going to make any decision, we get a lot of chatter. Its a hindrance at times if it is pulling us down and not letting us go forth and take action. However, we can reflect upon these thoughts and constructively fix or modify them & change them to positive ones.

Herein, another obstruction comes. To find that thing that stops you, you need to reach the cause of it all – what started it i.e. the root. Now this chatter intervenes here as well & doesn’t let us probe into the right channel. How do we find it then?

The solution is simple! Give attention to your first thought. Chances are it is that very thought that we tend to push away or suppress or say NO to it & replace it with any other thought intentionally or unintentionally, considering how weird it seems to us. So hold on to that thought. Maybe it is the exact thought that is playing from behind the curtain and affecting all your behaviour and reflecting your mood without even your knowledge.