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Every day as we get up, from the minute we open our eyes to the second we close them shut, we all go into our monotonous routines… Wake up… Get ready… Have breakfast… Do everyday chores… And it goes on… Till we drag ourselves to bed again… Keep phones aside… And sleep… Only to wake up again tomorrow, and follow the same schedule… Over and over again… In this whole process, we simply reduce ourselves from being a great masterpiece to being mere drones who need to drag themselves out of bed and push themselves to do the tasks that they need to do in the day..week..month..year… Exciting, isn’t it? Yeah, I know!

Hellloooo people..!! Who wants to live like that?? Yet we all are doing just that. Living just like that. With no intention to change, or even if we intend to, we don’t take action. So, does that mean I continue living like this? Hell no! So, what do I need to do? Hey, I know what I need! All I need is an INSPIRATION!! Now where to find it?

To be contd…

P.S.: I’ll be expressing what inspires me in the next blog… Also, would love to have your comments on what inspires you? Would really appreciate it. Thank you!