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LOOK around yourself. You’ll find simple things that may or may not grab attention. Let’s just still, OBSERVE… The cooing of a bird and how its beak opens and closes with the sound, the movement of the tail of a squirrel as it squeaks, the glare of an eagle as it glides high, the shape of clouds on a blue sky, the twinkle of the stars on a dark night, the buds on a plant that slowly grow… Nature has so much to offer to us! Even if we look around in our cemented and bricked homes, we may find something or the other. The dancing whistle of a pressure cooker, the fine crisscrosses of the paint left by the paintbrush on the walls, interwoven multitudes of thread-making just a single piece of cloth… And the list is endless. There may be quinillion of things if we actually OPEN ourselves to see and admire the beauty around us in the simplest of things or tasks.

It varies from person to person what they are looking for and what they find. What are you looking for? What inspires you? Please do mention it in the comments. Your opinion matters to me.

However, there is still this “ONE THING” which is bound to Inspire each and every single person belonging to the human race.. any guesses?? 😉 Write up in the comment section what you guess it is…