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The reservoir of feelings and thoughts exists in our mind and all our decisions are made using these two faculties of our cognition. The relationship between the two is interesting because thoughts provoke feelings and feelings provoke thoughts. The unpleasantness of our experience have feelings at its core. Thoughts are torchbearers for feelings because of …

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Listen to your first thought

Mostly we find ourselves thinking about so many things throughout the day that sometimes we dont even pay attention to any of it. It is an endless chatter that runs inside our minds 24×7. It is the one voice that we interact with most of the time in our day. Yes! Knowingly or unknowingly these …

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The Ultimate Inspiration!

First of all, I want to thank all of the readers for their time in reading, thinking about it & most of all, responding to what inspires them and even guessing what this ultimate inspiration can be. So I am going to uncover the secret and no longer push the patience button. The ONE THING, …

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A Healing Hug

Mommyyy!!!” came a shrill cry of Tony who went on crying the whole time till he got into the most comfortable and soothing place to be on earth. The ever so sweet epitome of love- his mother- his Angel on Earth, lifted him up, embraced him in a hug, brought him to sit on her …

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Be Present!

Many of us do experience or have experienced this moment in our life when it all becomes too overwhelming for us. All the thoughts that come are too much to bear all at once and we just allow ourselves to be driven by these thoughts, Most of them (if not all, then at least 99% …

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