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The reservoir of feelings and thoughts exists in our mind and all our decisions are made using these two faculties of our cognition. The relationship between the two is interesting because thoughts provoke feelings and feelings provoke thoughts. The unpleasantness of our experience have feelings at its core. Thoughts are torchbearers for feelings because of …

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Getting A HOLD!

When times are tough And you just let go Hold on to yourself Dont let it flow Dont let the old man Trouble you for more Or the silly carousel Carry wild thoughts In your mind Be kind To yourself Know that in you Lies a power so great That can turn the tables Of …

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Putting A Finger on it

Has it ever happened with you that you start your day with full throttle, you are all charged up and ready to unleash what the world has to offer you. You wake up all bright and smiley, but as the day progresses, things gradually start to take a toll on you. In a few moments, …

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Every day as we get up, from the minute we open our eyes to the second we close them shut, we all go into our monotonous routines… Wake up… Get ready… Have breakfast… Do everyday chores… And it goes on… Till we drag ourselves to bed again… Keep phones aside… And sleep… Only to wake …

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