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There are millions of people on the planet who are suffering from one mental concern or the other, knowingly or unknowingly. Out of these, not even 25% go for a consultation. but you can contact Peaceful Minds 100‘s team for a free consultation.

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This project has been initiated in order to create awareness among people regarding issues pertaining to mental health so that the stigma attached to it is removed. We aim at addressing any and all of your concerns related to mental health.

Importance of mental health
Mind-body relationship
Guidance counseling
Career counseling
Decision making
Goal attainment
Marital counseling
Relationship issues
Anger management
Behavior modification
Special education
Coping exam-anxiety
Developing effective learning styles
Eradicating fears
Fear of failure
Bullying- how to deal
Effective parenting
Anxiety & stress management
Mood issues
Dealing negativity


Peaceful Minds:
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Here, we provide FREE OF COST consultation to all those who feel something is wrong or missing. One can simply drop an email mentioning the concerns and they will be addressed soon.

You can also contact us if you want to hold special events/ talks regarding mental health concerns.

P.S.: client identity is kept CONFIDENTIAL.

Keeda Jadi
Keeda Jadi
Peaceful Minds
Peaceful Minds

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